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Team Trading

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Your Ultimate Side-Hustle

Welcome to TeamTrader, Trademum's innovative program designed to help you earn passive income of over 174$ daily while others trade. This amounts to a cool 1,218$ weekly or 5,220$ monthly. Let's dive into how you can skyrocket your earnings with our TeamTrader program.
Whether you're an experienced trader or just starting out, the TeamTrader program offers you the opportunity to invite others to the TeamTrader platform & join your trading team and you will start earning a share of the trading profits generated by your trading team/referrals as they copy our trading strategies managed by expert traders. With the TeamTrader program, you will earn money while others trade, leveraging the power of teamwork to maximize your earning potential.
Our platform is non-custodial meaning we don’t have access to your trading funds as they always sit in your trusted exchange & you can withdraw your trading profits anytime from your exchange. Our Teamtrader platform works with Binance, Bitmex, Kucoin, Okx and many more exchanges. As for the commissions you earn from our Teamtrader program, you can withdraw them in USDT-TRC20 any day, anytime.

What is TeamTrader?

With the TeamTrader program, you can build your own trading team consisting of Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 referrals and earn upto 10% percent of the trading profits generated by members of your trading team plus lifetime recurring license fee commissions of 17.4$ from each of your referrals who joins your trading team and buys/renews their TeamTrader license, providing you with a steady stream of passive income for years to come. All this without necessarily actively trading yourself or having huge initial trading capital.

With just 10 people joining your trading team daily you will start earning a cool 174$ daily amounting to 1,218$ weekly from the license fee commissions plus you will earn much more once you include 5% of the trading profits of Level 1 referrals, 3% of the trading profit of your Level 2 referrals and 2% of the trading profits of the Level 3 referrals in your trading team .

As a Licensed Teamtrader you & your trading team/referrals get access to copy one of our best trading strategies managed by our expert traders without a monthly subscription fee. Simply pay us a percentage of the trading profits we generate for you as success/perfomance fees.

How Does TeamTrader Work?

1. Purchase a TeamTrader License

Start by purchasing a 3-month subscription for the TeamTrader License for just $87. This license unlocks your account to 3-level commissions from License fees plus 3-level share of your referrals weekly trading profits. You also get instant access to one of our best trading strategies by simply connecting your exchange and our expert traders will execute the trades on your behalf. Get access to your unique invite links for you to start building your trading team today.

2. Build Your Trading Team & Earn While Others Trade

Share your unique invite link with friends, family, and colleagues to invite them to join your trading team. For every person who joins your trading team and purchases a TeamTrader license, you'll earn 17.4$ plus upto 10% of the profits generated by members of your trading team.

3. Go Higher Up In The Teamtrader Ranks

As your trading team grows, you'll be earning more profits from license fee commissions, profit shares & the more the licensed referrals you have; you move up the Teamtrader ranks unlocking additional bonuses & benefits.

Why Choose TeamTrader?

  • Access to Top-Performing Trading Strategies:

    TeamTrader provides you & your referrals with access to meticulously curated and thoroughly tested trading strategies. These strategies are developed and managed by expert traders who have a proven track record of success in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Profit-Sharing Opportunities:

    One of the key benefits of the TeamTrader Program is the opportunity for profit-sharing. You & your referrals have the chance to earn a share of the trading profits generated by your trading team/downlines. This profit-sharing model incentivizes your team to actively participate in the program and encourages them to grow their trading teams, leading to mutual success and increased earnings for everyone involved.

  • No Trading Experience Required

    You don't need any trading experience to succeed in the TeamTrader program. Once you connect your exchange & copy our trading strategies our expert traders will handle the rest. Sit back, relax & grow your trading team.

  • Low Entry Barrier - Affordable

    Unlike traditional trading platforms that may require significant initial investments, TeamTrader allows you & your referrals to get started with a minimum trading balance requirement of just $50 sitting in your exchange plus the 3month Teamtrader license for only 87$ and slowly build up your trading capital from the commissions you will be earning.

  • Community Support

    Join a supportive community of TeamTraders who are all working towards financial success. Share tips, strategies, and success stories with fellow members.

Ready to Get Started?

Join TeamTrader Today and Start Earning Passive Income!

TeamTrading Vs SoloTrading

  • 1. TeamTrader, A Perfect Starting Point for Beginners:

    Our TeamTrader program is the ideal choice for those just dipping their toes into Trademum. With a low entry barrier of just $50 in your exchange account, TeamTrader welcomes beginners with open arms. The affordable TeamTrader license, priced at $87 every 3 months (equivalent to $29 per month), grants access to a carefully curated trading strategy managed by expert traders. This simplicity and accessibility make TeamTrader a great option for beginners looking to learn and earn.

  • 2. SoloTrader, Next Level:

    On the other hand, our SoloTrader program caters to users with more experience on Trademum & who are ready to take their trading to the next level. With a minimum trading balance requirement of $200, SoloTrading is suited for those with some larger capital to invest. While the subscription fees may be slightly higher, SoloTrader offers a diverse range of trading bots and strategies, providing users with the flexibility and options they need to optimize their trading strategies.

  • 3. Bot/Trading Strategy Subscription Fees

    On the Solotrader platform you have to pay a slightly higher subscription fee to rent each trading bot while on the Teamtrader platform you only need to buy the Teamtrader license for only 87$ every 3 months(which amounts to 29$ per month) and you can start copying the trading strategies for free and earn a share of the trading profits generated by your trading team/referrals for the next 3 months before renewing your Teamtrader license.

  • 4. TeamTrader Ranks - Go From Bronze, Upwards!

    The Teamtrader program has ranks which unlock a lot of bonuses and benefits as your licensed trading team grows but we don’t have ranks in the Solo trader program.

  • 5. Trading Amount Limits

    The maximum trading amount on the Teamtrader program is 5000$ while on the Solotrader program you can rent our trading bots that can trade with upto 100,000$. Minimum trading amount in the Teamtrader platform is 50$ while on SoloTrader the minimum trading amount in your exchange is 200$.


    The Main difference between Teamtrader and Solotrader is that:

  • Teamtrader offers both Commissions on Subscription/Licenses fees + Profit sharing, whereas Solotrader only provides commission on Bot subscription fees.
  • Profit sharing in the Teamtrader program means you can earn up to 10% of the trading profits generated by your trading team.

    With Teamtrader, you can earn:

  • Level 1 referrals: 20% license fee commission + 5% of their trading profits
  • Level 2 referrals: 10% license fee commissions + 3% of their trading profits
  • Level 3 referrals: 5% license fee commissions + 2% of their trading profits

    On the other hand, Solotrader offers:

  • Level 1 referrals: 20% Bot Subscription fee commission
  • Level 2 referrals: 10% Bot Subscription fee commissions
  • Level 3 referrals: 5% Bot Subscription fee commissions
  • Conclusion

    You can actually sign up for both programs but we normally recommend you start off with the Teamtrader program. Each program has a different referral link, allowing you to refer individuals based on their specific trading needs & available trading capital.

    For instance, the SoloTrader program is ideal for inviting individuals with substantial trading capital or those seeking a hands-off trading approach without the need of building a huge trading team to boost their trading capital.

    While, The TeamTrader program caters to individuals with smaller trading capital in their exchange but can refer and earn lucrative commissions as they build their team, as well as those who may be new to trading or require assistance connecting their exchange accounts to our trading strategies/ bots. The team trader program allows you to make money even without trading since you can earn license fee commissions without trading.

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With the Teamtrader program, earning passive income has never been easier. By leveraging the power of team work and the support of the Trademum team, you can easily turn your free time into a source of reliable long term earnings. Get started Today on the TeamTrader program powered by and embark on your journey to financial freedom.