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At Trademum, we offer flexible pricing plans tailored to your trading needs. Whether you're a Solo trader looking to rent a bot or interested in joining our TeamTrader program to earn profits while others trade, we have the perfect plan for you.

1. TeamTrader License

Join our TeamTrader program and become part of a community of traders earning passive income together. With our TeamTrader license, you can earn over 174$ Daily in License fee commissions plus upto 10% of the profits generated by your trading team/downlines as they copy our trading strategies.

We are very transparent with our fees so that you know exactly what you are paying for:

TeamTrader License Fee: $87 payable once every 3months
  • 1. Once you purchase the TeamTrader license, you gain access to one of our best-performing trading strategies, carefully curated and managed by our expert traders. These strategies are optimized to deliver longterm profits while auto-trading.

  • One of the key benefits of the TeamTrader program is the opportunity for profit-sharing. You & Your referrals have the chance to earn a share of the trading profits generated by your downlines once you have a Teamtrader license.

  • Earn lifetime referral commissions when your team members buy or renew their Team trading license for years to come.

  • Earn upto 10% of the trading profits generated by your Trading team.

Performance Fees: 30% Of The Profits We generate For you

  • 10% of the Profit goes to the expert trader managing trading strategy

  • 10% of the profit is Profit is Trademum’s platform fees

  • 10% of the of the Profit goes to Your Trading Team–(5%,3%,2%)

Then Here is how the 10% profit is distributed to Your Trading Team

  • You Earn 5% of the profits generated by your Direct referrals(Level 1)

  • You Earn 3% of the profits generated by your Level 2 referrals.

  • You Earn 2% Of the profits generated by your Level 3 referrals.

Please note: License fee is only paid once every 3 months. You will rise up the Team Trader ranks as you introduce more people to your trading team. With each referral you increase your earnings from license fee commissions and the bigger your team is, the more the cash you earn from the profits generated by your team.

Perfomance Fees Calculations: We calculate performance fees based on the High watermark value. The high watermark ensures that a trader or investor only pays performance fees on new profits earned above the highest peak previously reached.

What is the High Watermark Value? Think of the high watermark like a measuring stick for your profits. It shows us the highest point your account has ever reached in terms of profits. Let's say you start with $1,000 in your trading account. As you trade, your account balance goes up and down. But every time it hits a new high point, we mark that spot with the high watermark.

When it's time to calculate performance fees, we only charge you on the profits you've made since the last high watermark. So, if your account grows past the previous high watermark, you only pay fees on the new profits you've earned.

The high watermark method ensures that you're only charged fees on the new profits you make, keeping things fair and transparent for everyone involved in the TeamTrader program. Plus, it encourages us to help you grow your account consistently over time.

2. Solo Trading: Rent a Bot

With our bot rental service, you can leverage the expertise of our advanced trading bots managed by expert traders to generate passive income. Choose from our range of advanced trading bots designed to suit various trading strategies and market conditions.

Bot Rental
  • Access to advanced trading bots & let them start trading for you with as low as 200$ upto 100,000$ in your exchange.

  • Rent a bot by simply paying the 3 months subscription fee for that bot & it will execute trades for you for the next 3months while being managed by an expert trader.

  • Pay a perfomance fee amounting to 30% of the profits generated by the trading bot.

  • Automatic execution of trades 24/7

  • No emotional Trading

  • Trading Profits generated go directly to your exchange account & you can withdraw them anytime.

  • Performance/Success fees are deducted from your Trademum wallet once a week.

Here is a Breakdown of the 30% Perfomance fee.

  • 15% of the Profit goes to the expert trader managing your trading bot

  • 15% of the profit is Profit is Trademum’s platform fees

Passive Income On Steroids!

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