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Trademum is a company dedicated to simplifying crypto trading. We provide expert trading strategies to our community, empowering traders to maximize their profits. Join us and take your trading to the next level.

Our Story

Our team has been primarily involved in private institutional level crypto trading but then we recently decided to launch a public facing, retail-focused crypto trading service where small to medium size traders can participate in the transformative world of crypto trading, while leveraging tried and tested strategies with the Trademum platform.

Our Mission - Bridging the Gap For Retail investors

In response to the crypto boom in FY 2023/2024, We decided to extended our services beyond institutional realms. The launch of, our retail-focused platform, marks a significant milestone. It enables retail investors to access and benefit from proven trading strategies with low entry barriers.

Our Achievements

Human Trading
Ethical Human Trading

Join a growing community of traders.

We’re Trusted

Your funds always remain in your custody.

Low Fees
Pay-On-Profit Model

You Keep 70% of the profits generated.

Our Values

Our values are deeply rooted in trust, transparency & risk management.

What we do

  • Use Trademum Daily: We build and use Trademum for our own trading.
  • Invest Our Own Money: Our commitment is demonstrated by investing our funds.
  • Treasure Customer Relations: Your trust is invaluable to us.
  • Exceed Expectations: We strive to go beyond your expectations.
  • Dedicated In-House Team: A team committed to your success.

What we don't do

  • Hold Your Funds: Your funds remain securely in your possession.
  • Sacrifice Quality: We prioritize quality over quantity.
  • Offer Unused Strategies: We only provide what we use ourselves.
  • Engage in Pump & Dump: Ethical trading practices are our priority.

Got a Question?

Just send us a message with your question. Feel free to ask about anything.